The most advanced
ad stack

We bring the most complete ad stack to your site and app


  • Ad Tag / SDK Integration
  • Ad Layout
  • Special Formats
  • Data Management Platform
  • CMP

Header Bidding Wrapper

  • Adapter Integration
  • Adapter Updates
  • Wrapper Set-Up
  • Wrapper Version Updates
  • Ad Fraud Prevention Tools

Ad Server (GAM)

  • Ad Server Set-Up
  • Ad Exchange Operations
  • Open Bidding
  • Header Bidding Integration
  • Campaign Management

Demand Partner Management

  • Initial Set-Up
  • Inventory Configuration
  • Floor Pricing
  • Blocklisting

Reporting & Analytics

  • Data Integration & Consolidation
  • Data Visualization
  • Custom Reports
  • Business
  • Intelligence Tool
  • Dashboard
  • Reporting API

Our unique delivery infrastructure maximizes speed and performance

Benefit from our single request architecture that enables asynchronous auction processes.

  • Completely cloud-based infrastructure on AWS
  • Customized packaging and delivery for each domain
  • Constant code optimization (e.g. file size)
  • Optimized client-side caching
  • Automatic version updates and optimizations without code changes

Our Auto-Optimization ensures optimal yield – even outside your office hours

Rely on our performance-based, individual SSP selection on every single unit and dynamic price optimization at user, advertiser and ad unit level.

  • Optimized timeouts per device type and bandwidth
  • GDPR compliant collection of hundreds of data points per impression
  • Bid and price prediction through machine learning algorithms
  • Impartial competition between all demand channels through bid normalization

Generate additional high-quality inventory with our Smart Reload

Yieldlove reloads each ad unit individually only when certain visibility and user activity conditions are met.

This prevents cannibalization of the value of the organic impression and enables additional impressions with higher viewability and user engagement. The result is a higher eCPM and pure additional incremental revenue.

Yieldlove Smart Reload Illustration Yieldlove Smart Reload Illustration

We give you a head start for the post cookie era by integrating all relevant User ID modules

  • BritePool ID
  • Criteo ID for Exchanges
  • DigiTrust ID
  • ID5 Universal ID
  • Identity Link
  • LiveIntent ID Parrable ID
  • PubCommon ID
  • Unified ID
  • netID
Yieldlove Bad Ad Protection Icon Yieldlove Bad Ad Protection Icon

Get best in class protection against bad ads and poor campaign quality

Partnering with Confiant, the leading provider of bad ad protection, our fraud detection defends and blocks malicious and fraudulent advertising such as mobile redirect ads.

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