Branchen-News chooses Yieldlove

After a successful testing phase, we have been selling’s ad inventory exclusively since January 1st. The goal of the new collaboration is to double the ad revenue of 2016 while maintaining campaign quality.

Through an exclusive collaboration with taz Entwicklungs GmbH und Co. Medien KG, we have acquired another premium publisher with very high ad quality standards. Yieldlove will abandon all intrusive ad formats including interstitials and pop ups to focus on the monetization of the standard display ad sizes.

Unfotunately, suffered from heavy losses in ad revenue, shrinking from 203,000 Euro in 2014 to 195,000 Euros in 2015 and to 145,000 Euros in 2016. We hope to drastically increase their ad revenue in 2017 and going forward.

Feel free to read more about this collaboration on (article in German):!163428/