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An overview of our special ad formats

Yieldlove is able to support a variety of special formats that offer eye-catching and creative abilities to bring highly performant ads to your site. Check out our portfolio below.

Anchor Ads

Anchor Ads are a great way to unlock additional ad revenue. These ad units are anchored to the viewport and stay visible regardless of the scroll depth resulting in a high viewability and high eCPMs. You can also check out our demo site to have a look.

Dynamic Sidebar

The Dynamic Sitebar Ad is a portrait ad with dynamic resizing. It is displayed on the right side of the page, where the ad takes up all the visible space. It automatically adjusts to the user’s screen resolution.

Fireplace Ad

A Fireplace Ad is a combination of horizontal and vertical ads. It is placed so that it encloses the top of a web page. Although the ad technically consists of several separate elements, this fact is not visible to the user.

Maxi Ad

The Maxi Ad offers a lot of space for advertising messages. The large size of 800 x 600 pixels offers plenty of room that is well-suited for both static and animated content.

Interscroller Ad

The Interscroller Ad is an innovative advertising medium that is integrated within the editorial content. With each scroll, the ad is revealed successively until it is fully visible. It is available for both display and mobile advertising.