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About Yieldlove

What is Yieldlove?

Yieldlove is an independent yield optimizer: We help publishers and sales houses to monetize their digital advertising inventory in the best possible way.

As a meta network, we aggregate all relevant demands on the market: advertising networks, RTB exchanges (SSPs), CPM, CPC and performance campaigns. With our innovative optimization technology, we ensure that each impression is sold at the highest possible price – and thus that you get the best possible eCPM.

Yieldlove GmbH was founded in Hamburg in 2013. Our international clients include renowned premium ad sales houses as well as various German top 100 publishers. Our unique technology is the result of a close collaboration between experienced ad managers, developers, mathematicians and statisticians.

Why should you work with us?

We maximize your advertising revenue: Instead of dealing with 1) significant technical and administrative in-house work for integrating and optimizing several partners, 2) lost sales due to testing and 3) constant stress due to payment security, campaign quality or blacklisting issues, you will have a central partner on your side who will take care of the entire process and achieve optimum advertising monetization on your behalf. You can focus on your content, your users and on increasing the reach of your websites.

But it's not only that: Testing our service is completely risk-free for you. You decide on the amount of traffic that you provide to us for optimization at any time, and you can suspend or terminate the collaboration at any time. All you need to do is to insert our ad tags.

How can we increase your revenue, what is our technology?

We at Yieldlove are experts in the monetization of online advertising inventory. We created a control and optimization technology that sets a new standard in the ad sales industry.

We draw on resources and contacts that allow us to aggregate all relevant demand and campaign resources in the sector and use our technology to create the greatest possible demand competition for your inventory.

Our algorithms are the result of the latest findings in machine learning research and our deep understanding of ad trading. We use real-time predictions of the bid structure for your inventory and your users as well as dynamic multivariate setup testing to make sure that each of your impressions is sold at the best possible price.


What eCPM can I expect from Yieldlove?

The eCPM of a placement is determined by many factors: The quality of the environment (the website and its content), the cookie profiles and geographical location of the respective users and the average CTR of the placement – to name just a few. Consequently, eCPMs vary greatly – both at website and placement levels.

That being said, we can provide you with a relatively accurate forecast after reviewing your website and evaluating your current performance. If you have a sufficient amount of traffic, we can then perform a small-scale test to find out what hidden potential your inventory has to offer.

Usually results increase rapidly, especially at the beginning of the optimization process, since our algorithms' performance improves as more data accumulates over time.

What is the average fill rate of Yieldlove?

Thanks to our collaboration with international exchanges and ad networks, we reach 100% fill on all GEOs: Every single impression gets sold for the highest possible price, regardless of its geographic origin.

Nevertheless, we also give you the option to provide us with passback tags and set floor prices. In this case, all impressions that cannot be sold for the minimum price are given back to you or to a partner of your choice.

What is the process of working with Yieldlove?

Normally our cooperation starts with a small-scale test on several – as far as possible – different placements so that you are able to make a meaningful comparison between performance with our system and your previous performance – without taking any risks.

After we have tested your page(s), it takes a few days until the demand partners have granted their authorizations and until our internal setup is completed. Then all you have to do is insert our ad tags.

Forget about blacklisting problems and constant testing and optimizing of various partners: As a publisher and entrepreneur, you can now focus your attention on optimizing your website and content and on promoting your website in order to extend your reach.

What is the work that I have to do myself if I choose to collaborate with Yieldlove?

Virtually none. Our service is full service: We take care of all dealings with the demand partners, including setup, adjustment, optimization, blacklisting and payment processing.

You only need to paste a JavaScript ad code we provide for each ad space into the source code of your website or in your ad server. After doing that you benefit instantly from global demand by all relevant demand partners on the market, as provided by our technology.

We would be happy to support you with inserting our ad tags.

Do you provide personal support?

Of course! Our relationship with our publisher partners should – if desired – be more than just anonymous collaboration. Personal and above all fast support is very important to us.

We are personally available by phone, e-mail or via Skype – also gladly on site or at our headquarters.

Do I need to provide my advertising spaces exclusively to you?

No. We convince through the revenue we generate on your behalf: No exclusive contracts, no minimum guaranteed volumes. You decide on the amount of traffic that you provide to us for optimization at any time. You can suspend or stop the collaboration at any time.

Reporting, billing and payment

Is the use of Yieldlove's services associated with fixed costs?

No. Our services are based on a revenue share model. Our optimization enables us to achieve growth in revenue in which we participate: At the end of each month we charge a revenue share from the generated sales; there are no hidden or fixed costs.

In this way you do not enter into a mere customer relationship with us – rather, we cooperate as partners. Your success drives our success.

What does the share include?

Our service is full service: We connect your ad inventory to the relevant networks and partners that are necessary for optimum monetization. In doing that, we take care of the entire process with the demand partners: Registration and setup, adjustment and optimization, blacklisting and campaign monitoring, billing and payment.

We are continuously striving to automate as many processes as possible, but each partnership also requires some manual work. In addition the share includes the server costs for ad serving and the provision of our technology.

How does reporting work? Are the reports in real time?

Track the performance of your websites and ad spaces in our user-friendly Publisher Dashboard. View all relevant performance data such as impressions, clicks, CTR, eCPM and revenue on website and placement levels for any period of time or export the data as an Excel or CSV file. Use our APIs for automatic data aggregation or set up your own custom e-mail reporting.

The data is updated daily. Unfortunately, we cannot provide reports in real time because some of our demand partners only provide data on a daily basis themselves.

How and when are payments made by Yieldlove?

Our payment term is 40 days. The billing is done on a monthly basis: The first week of the following month you will receive a credit note via e-mail which you can also access through your account in our Publisher Dashboard.

Yieldlove offers payment by international bank transfer or via PayPal.

Other questions

What advertising formats does Yieldlove support?

Whether a website, a mobile website or video content – we provide optimum monetization for any environment. In a nutshell, we support all standard formats that are traded on advertising networks and RTB marketplaces: Leaderboard (728x90), Medium Rectangle (300x250), Wide Skyscraper (160x600), Skyscraper (120x600), Halfpage Ad (300x600), Full Banner (468x60), Large Leaderboard (970x90), Billboard (970x250), Large Rectangle (336x280), Mobile Banner (320x50)(320x100). The list is not exhaustive because new formats and sizes are emerging constantly. Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have regarding your inventory!

In addition to the standard display formats, we also market Responsive, Mobile and Video Ads. Finally, we offer our partners a variety of high-impact and special formats.

How does Yieldlove ensure that only advertising that I have allowed is delivered to my websites?

We monitor the delivered campaigns in compliance with your blacklists to protect your brand and your users. As a rule, we only work with reputable and reliable demand partners to be able to guarantee passing on this reliability to our publishing partners.

If an unwanted campaign still comes through, for example because it was categorized incorrectly in a network or posted maliciously by an advertiser, we will respond promptly and make sure that it is excluded.

Can I use the Yieldlove ad tags as backfill for a different network?

The passback from another network is problematic for several reasons:

  1. The network will only accept/sell/serve the well-paid impressions and therefore indeed achieve a relatively high CPM result, but this will come at the cost of low utilization. The non-accepted impressions are then usually almost worthless. This is why the individual CPM result of a network can never be used as a benchmark. At the end of the day, the only thing that counts is the effective CPM, the overall revenue per 1000 advertising impressions.
  2. The passback prolongs the journey of each impression until it reaches our server, which unnecessarily increases discrepancies.
  3. If the network delivers a good performance, it is very likely that we have already connected it to our system.
Can Yieldlove take over already existing partners or campaigns?

Yes. Our system enables the flexible integration of additional demands, which are then also dynamically allocated with RTB: The respective campaigns will only be executed if no higher bid or a better-paid campaign is present.

What guidelines must be observed by publishers who wish to work with Yieldlove?

Yieldlove maintains reliable and respectable business relationships at all levels. In order to be accepted by Yieldlove as a partner, publishers must therefore meet the following conditions:

Our advertising formats and ad tags may not be modified in any way, passed on to third parties or made available to third parties in any other way, or used outside the contractually defined websites that are intended for the respective ad tags and that have been registered for sales and optimization purposes. It is forbidden to use the ad tags provided by Yieldlove on illegal websites or websites that contain pornographic or similarly offensive content, racist, extremist or xenophobic content, or content that violates the rights of third parties or, in particular, copyright, trademark or competition law. Any measures that serve to artificially generate traffic to partner websites (such as auto-reloading or meta-refresh code), that produce clicks in an unnatural way (e.g., through a misleading placement of the advertising spaces so that the ad is not apparent as such to the users) or that prompt users to click advertisements specifically are forbidden.

If the rules stated above are violated, we reserve the right not to pay any illegally generated revenues that are also corrected by the demand partners and to terminate the cooperation.

General questions

What is "yield management" and "yield optimization"?

In online advertising, the terms "yield management" and "yield optimization" refer to the integrated optimization of all factors that influence the advertising revenues of publishers in respective web projects (websites and apps). The main challenge of yield optimization consists in finding and executing the best paid campaign for each impression without impairing the ad quality!

SSPs, RTB exchanges, DSPs, ad networks, marketplaces, display, mobile, video formats – in today's ad sales landscape, publishers are faced with a large variety of vendors and technical capabilities that they must try out and constantly optimize against each other in order to maximize their revenue. A manual optimization requires a great deal of technical expertise and daily attention, which results in high costs.

Yieldlove offers full service yield management and reduces your in-house costs by taking over all optimization work on your behalf. With our expertise and our advanced delivery and optimization technology we maximize your advertising revenues.

What is eCPM and why is it the most important parameter for publishers?

The abbreviation eCPM stands for "effective Cost per Mille". It describes the average price of 1,000 impressions – the effective price that must be paid by the advertiser for 1,000 user contacts or the revenue that the publisher receives for 1,000 ad impressions (therefore it is also known as RPM, Revenue Per Mille).

eCPM differs from CPM in that it always refers to a full utilization of ad impressions. The eCPM represents the only decisive benchmark for publishers because, at the end of the day, what matters to them is how effectively they monetize their entire reach – and not just parts of it. The following calculation applies to publishers: (total revenue / total number of ad impressions) * 1000 = eCPM.

Publishers often make the mistake of ignoring this parameter when comparing the performance of various networks, sales partners or campaigns. An example: A network has a CPM of $4.00 but can only fill 20% of the total number of ad impressions delivered. The remaining impressions are sent to a 100% fill network, such as Adsense, which reach a CPM of $0.10. The eCPM now describes the overall performance of all delivered impressions: $4.00 * 20% + $0.10 * 80% = $0.88 eCPM.

Although the CPM of the network is 4 dollars, the publisher realized an eCPM of only 88 cents with all of their traffic!

In order to optimize your overall ad revenue which is based on your eCPM, we use all available campaign types – CPM, CPC, CPA and CPO.

What is real-time bidding and why it is so important for me as a publisher?

Real-time bidding, or RTB in short, is the latest major technological innovation in the online advertising industry: It describes the automated buying and selling of online advertising inventory in real time on so-called RTB marketplaces – also known as: Exchanges or SSPs (Supply Side Platforms). Each ad impression is sold in an auction process to the highest bidder who then delivers their advertising material or their campaign.

Compared to manual trading campaigns, RTB's advantages for publishers are huge: RTB offers direct access to a massive pool of international advertisers who are otherwise difficult to reach using classical methods. Hence, publishers whose business model hinges on the sale of advertising space can no longer afford to ignore real-time bidding.

RTB trading is currently offered and operated on several different platforms. Each of these platforms uses its own technological methods and has its own demand. The challenge for publishers consists in the ongoing testing and optimization of configured parameters that are relevant to sales within each platform. In addition, it is necessary to identify differences in prices and performance fluctuations between the platforms and exploit these by means of a dynamic management system in order to achieve maximum revenues.

Many website owners are therefore skeptical about the technology. What are the start-up costs? Do I have the necessary expertise? How much time do I need to spend on monitoring and optimization? How transparent is RTB? How do I protect my brand? What is the quality of the campaigns, how secure is blacklisting?

In addition to classic advertising networks, Yieldlove also connects your inventory to all relevant RTB marketplaces, thus creating the best possible global demand competition. But it's not only that: We know how the systems work and their optimum configurations. Our optimization technology identifies price differences and performance variations both within individual RTB marketplaces and between different RTB marketplaces in real time and uses this information to maximize your revenues.

What is "programmatic premium"?

While the auction-based trading of ad impressions in real time (RTB) was initially largely limited to the trading of non-guaranteed/non-premium inventory, today guaranteed premium inventory is increasingly also being offered on so-called "private marketplaces" and in private deals (we call it "programmatic premium") and especially in demand with advertisers, which in turn has a strongly positive effect on the average price level.

What is "dynamic allocation"?

"Dynamic allocation" is a term that describes an innovative ad delivery or ad serving technology. An ad server configured for dynamic allocation makes it possible to have manually posted, non-RTB campaigns compete with RTB marketplaces in real time. If the highest bid on the RTB marketplace pays a higher price for the impression than the non-RTB campaign, the RTB marketplace wins the bid. This ensures that the best-paid campaign is always delivered.

What is mobile advertising and why it is important for me as a publisher?

Mobile advertising denotes the trading of ads on mobile devices. Today, a large portion of advertising-relevant traffic comes from smartphones and tablets. The adoption and usage of mobile devices both continue to rise. Websites and apps are increasingly designed and optimized with mobile devices in mind. Especially among the younger target group, the slogan is: Mobile First!

Mobile marketing has enormous sales potential, and not only for publishers who have optimized their website for mobile devices. Even websites that are optimized for desktops are displayed on mobile browsers and thus usually represent a non-negligible proportion of mobile visits.

The relatively young market for mobile advertising is characterized by a rapid development dynamic. Countless vendors promise top performance – but the results often remain below expectations. For publishers, the entry into mobile marketing is both difficult and expensive: Mobile networks and other sales partners as well as technical innovations must be tested and optimized on an ongoing basis in order to monetize the mobile advertising inventory in the best possible way.

Thanks to our collaboration with the leading players in the mobile advertising industry, we have profound knowledge of the latest developments on the market and how to use them. We know which partners are suitable and deliver good prices. This expertise combined with our optimization technology ensure that Yieldlove can maximize the revenue of your mobile advertising inventory!

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